Dungeness Estate

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Dungeness is a private estate and a National Nature Reserve, and you must obtain the permission of the owners before filming or photography takes place. Permission will be granted at the discretion of the owners. To obtain this permission you must read these notes carefully and apply via the ‘Book Now’ section. If you have any queries please telephone the Gerald Eve helpdesk on 01480 484 927.

You will be required to:

  1. Advise us of the subject matter of the production.
  2. Advise us of the desired date of filming/photography.
  3. Give full contact details for the company/organisation/individual carrying out the filming/ photography.
  4. Comply with insurance requirements as detailed in the FAQ section.
  5. Agree to comply with the rules of the National Nature Reserve and the Dungeness Code of Conduct described below. In particular, no fires or disturbance of the shingle is permitted.
  6. Complete the Filming Licence application form and the Risk Assessment form.
  7. Once your application to film/photograph has been accepted, you will be required to pay a fee in advance of your time on the Estate.
  8. The payment of the licence fee can only be made via bank transfers. No other method of payment can be accepted.
  9. Any person, equipment or vehicle attending site that has not been previously declared and approved by Gerald Eve or their representatives, either via email or in the risk assessment will not be permitted to undertake any filming or photography.
  10. The booking is not complete until a countersigned licence has been sent back to you.

Anyone carrying out commercial filming or photography on the Estate without permission may:
1. Not own the copyright of their films and photographs which may pass to the owners.
2. Invalidate their own insurance policies.
3. Render them liable to be stopped by the authorised agents of the estate.

Any private portfolio, photoshoots, self-funding/private/non-commercial filming projects will all still need to gain a permit for the Dungeness Estate. If you are found to be doing these activities without a permit you will be made to leave the estate immediately.


The Shingle Area of Dungeness is a unique wildlife habitat and is of international importance. It is also very fragile and easily damaged. Dungeness is a National Nature Reserve, and this Code of Conduct must be followed at all times when filming or photography is taking place. Because Dungeness is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, you could be liable to a fine of up to £25,000 if, without reasonable excuse, you intentionally or recklessly destroy, damage, or disturb the flora, fauna, or shingle ridges.


Read our FAQ section which should answer your queries. If you require further assistance please telephone the Gerald Eve helpdesk on 01480 484 927.

We strongly advise you to complete a recce of the estate so that you can see the area for yourself, due to the changing nature of the landscape and the vastness of the estate. We don’t supply a stock image library, which is why we strongly recommend a recce. However, you can send us images of areas of interest for us to confirm their location.

A simple recce is free of charge, please email us at [email protected] to arrange this.


Dungeness is an area where people live and work. Please respect their privacy. Do not disrupt routines of residents and local fishermen. Keep noise to a low level. All vehicles must remain on the roads and must not drive across or onto the shingle under any circumstances. Do not park in the entrance of tracks to houses.


Please pack up all your equipment/belongings and make sure nothing if left behind. We take no responsibility for any equipment accidentally left by yourselves and cannot guarantee its safe keeping. Take all rubbish away and dispose of it correctly.